Kali has worked as a freelance chef for several years, travelling the world for work and pleasure. Fascinated by the way food works with your body Kali trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York. A school specialising in the vegetarian health supportive cooking, this is where her style of cooking began to develop. Kali’s travels have inspired the flavours and style of her cooking, creating modern international flavours while keeping food fresh, vibrant and nutritionally balanced.

Kali has worked with high profile clients privately for several years creating specialised menus for specific diets.

She runs the Flaming Flamingo supper club, a London and New York plant based pop up with food inspired by her travels. This includes evening events and day time yoga and pilates brunches and retreats.


Building relationships with local growers such as Growing Communities has encouraged Kali’s enthusiasm and belief in the need to be more in touch with where our food comes from and the impact the food system has on our environment and local community.

Kali’s worked on recipe development for the beautiful ‘The Lebanese Kitchen’, Phaidon, her work on retreats has appeared in The Guardian newspaper.  Recipes are also published here, on Growing Communities site amongst other.