This is a selection of sample buffet dishes. 
Decide on a particular region, a style of cooking, or theme and I can write the menu to suit you.

Sample Dishes

Fresh breads, crackers, crudite with

a selection of dips: 
black bean hummus, artichoke aioli, pistachio dukkah, guacamole

Cold : 
Freekah salad with lemon leeks and fennel

Bittersweet citrus & pistachio salad

Lettuce shrimp noodle cups

Grilled vegetable tartines with oregano


Hot :

Turmeric, ginger roast salmon 

Smokey Mexican seafood

Black rice,  arame, edamame, avocado spring onion 

Roast pumpkin and beetroot, tahini, almond salsa

Spiced aubergine with herby polenta 

Chickpeas with coconut, curry leaf


Chocolate pot de creme, almond cream, pistachio brittle
Lemon olive cake poppy seed cake  
 Pistachio date tart